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Security Patch C for Linkr 2.3.6

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A security patch was released on Thursday the 18th for Linkr 2.3.6. You can download the patch here External link. If you were having problems with Linkr not responding, or suddenly not working, this patch won't fix those issues. Keep reporting problems to the support page. Even if you don't get a timely reply, everything is tracked and addressed eventually. You can expect the next release to be somewhere towards the end of April or begining of May. The earlier the bugs our found, the more stable the next release will be! Also, don't hesitate to contribute to Linkr if you have bug fixes you want to share (as those credited in the About Linkr page have).
Linkr 2.3.8 (13 June 2011) is ready for download, and is compatible with MooTools 1.2. It has also been tested with the Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Google Chrome browsers.