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New Linkr Release

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It's been 7 months since the last release. Linkr 2.3.7 brings many bug fixes and will make the overall experience a little smoother. For starters, the plugin and component parameters have been centralized in one location, making the task of tweaking the settings much easier. Another noteworthy point is the improved debugging feature, which was there before but is now more straightforward to use. Users writing with non-latin characters will notice that some pesky bugs that hampered their use of linkr have disappeared, and that the search feature is now fully functional.

Updating your configuration settings

You'll have to update your configuration settings so that Linkr remains unchanged on your site. Although the plugin parameters are now in the back-end, they will still appear in the plugin page. This is to allow the transfer from the plugin page (Extensions » Plugin Manager » Content - Linkr) to the Linkr back-end (Components » Linkr » Global Configuration).


The self-debugging process has been streamlined for your convenience. It is not meant to be an all-around bug finder, but rather a "features tester" to see if all of Linkr's features are functioning as expected. To enable debugging, set the Debug parameter to "yes" in the Global Configuration. Then, in the documentation tab, the debug link should appear in red. Further instructions will be displayed once the link is followed.

Download Linkr 2.3.7 from JoomlaCode External link

Linkr 2.3.8 (13 June 2011) is ready for download, and is compatible with MooTools 1.2. It has also been tested with the Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Google Chrome browsers.