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Update on Linkr

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Free time lacking, Linkr has not been updated for a while, nor has any news been released about its development. Long overdue, here is an update on whats coming up, including a patch that should address some of the bugs reported in the forums External link.

Firefox 4, Google Chrome Issues

The Mozilla Project recently released their revamped, redesigned Firefox 4 External link which boasts an improved performance and support for HTML5 and CSS3. Unfortunately, the update seemed to break Linkr, making it unusable for the many users of Firefox. The same happened with an update for Google Chrome External link. A bug fix patch released today aims to tackle that problem. Find patch D External link on the Linkr download page External link.

: Patch E External link for the menu listing.

Joomla! 1.6

2011 saw the release of Joomla!'s newest platform: 1.6 External link (which is incompatible with Linkr). Amongst the many new features is the ability to link articles, built right into the core. This being Linkr's main purpose, there are no plans to port the extension to Joomla!'s new platform. We feel doing so would be redundant, but feel free to post in the Linkr forums if you disagree.

Support and Plans for the Future

The old support page will be closed soon, so as to focus everything in the Linkr forums. As stated before, Linkr will not be upgraded to work with Joomla! 1.6. Thus, as we move on to the next platform, and Joomla! 1.5 becomes less relevant, support will decrease accordingly. Updates will, however, still be made to address bugs and incompatibilities, such as with the MooTools 1.2 plugin.

Keep posting your ideas and suggestions to the Linkr forums External link, and stay tuned for the next release. Thanks again for using Linkr and making it what it is!
Linkr 2.3.8 (13 June 2011) is ready for download, and is compatible with MooTools 1.2. It has also been tested with the Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Google Chrome browsers.