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Installing Linkr

The extension is made up of three files: the editor button, the component and the plugin.
  1. Either:
    • Download those three files from JoomlaCode.org External link
    • Install the button (plg.linkr_button...) through the administration area of your site (Administrator » Extensions » Install/Uninstall)
    • Install the plugin (plg.linkr_content...) and the component (com.linkr...) the same way
  2. Or:
    • Get the Super Installer from JoomlaCode.org External link
    • And use it to install all three files at once
  3. Browse to Administrator » Extensions » Plugin Manager to activate the button (Editor Button - Linkr) and the plugin (Content - Linkr)
  4. You're now set. Get to Linking!
NOTE: When using the Super Installer, make sure to install any additional patches listed on JoomlaCode.org. Patches have the word "patch" in the file name, so they're easy to recognize.

NOTE: If you're using Joomla! 1.5.10 (or a later version), you can use the Super Installer to override an older version of Linkr. If you have Joomla! 1.5.9 (or older) currently installed, then you will need to uninstall the older version prior to using the Super Installer package (or use the individual upgrade packages instead).

ANOTHER NOTE: Linkr versions up to 2.3.7 are not compatible with MooTools 1.2 (see article for more information).


  • Joomla! 1.5.1 [sennu] or later (the latest version is always recomended)
  • Joomla! 1.5.0 or 1.0.x wont be able to run Linkr!
  • Not compatible with Joomla! 1.6

Installing a patch

Installing a patch is as easy as using the Joomla! installer to override the current files. Patches have version numbers and letters. Letters go from A to Z, so a patch labeled "E" is more recent then a patch labeled "B". Patches are good for the versions they indicate. So, a patch "com.linkr.patch-231c" is good for Linkr 2.3.1 as well as for a patched version "Linkr 2.3.1b", but not for an older version "Linkr 2.3.0".

NOTE: Clear your cache External link after installing a patch.

Before you head to the support page...

Linkr was built to work as seamlessly as possible with Joomla! 1.5. Very often, people have problems with Linkr because they are relatively new to the CMS. That's because linkr uses many of Joomla!'s core functions. Fortunately for all of us, there is a very extensive and very well documented help page for administrators. I suggest you skim through it here.


Linkr is ready to go as soon as you enable it. Still, there are some parameters you can change to customize it and make it act the way you believe it should. The configuration page can be found by browsing to Components » Linkr » Global Configuration in your sites back-end. For Linkr 2.3.6 and earlier versions, you can find more relevant information here.

Global Configuration

  • News feed: controls the display of the Linkr RSS feed in the back-end
  • Debug: enables the debugging feature and logs everything Linkr does in the background (log file saved in "YOUR-SITE / logs / linkr.php")

Parameters: Related Articles

  • Default related links: controls the display by default of related links on all articles
  • Show on frontpage: controls the display of related links on all views (frontpage, category, etc...) or article view only
  • Limit to section: limits Linkr to articles published within the same section
  • Exclude section: specifies the sections to exclude at all times
  • Amount: controls the amount of related links to display by default
  • Title: specifies the title to show on top of related links by default
  • Default CSS: includes the default CSS styles for related links
  • Keyword source: controls the source to use to find keywords which in turn will be used to find related articles
  • Sort by: controls how related links are sorted

Parameters: Bookmarks

  • Default bookmarks: controls the display by default of bookmarks on all articles
  • Position: positions the bookmarks within your articles
  • Show on frontpage: controls the display of related links on all views (frontpage, category, etc...) or article view only
  • Show: controls which bookmarks are shown by default
  • Size: controls the bookmark size to use by default
  • Separator: specifies a bookmark separator (defaults to a space character)
  • Tool Tips: controls the use of title tags to describe each bookmark
  • Default CSS: includes the default CSS styles for bookmarks

Parameters: Advanced Parameters

  • Link files, articles, menu items, contacts: controls the link types to use in the Linkr lightbox
  • Simple file list: controls the way files & folders are displayed when linking a file
  • Frontend uploads: allows uploading from the front-end of the site when linking files
  • Folders: controls the root folders to show when linking a file
  • Article slug: controls the use of the article slug (see the FAQs section inside your sites back-end: Components » Linkr » Documentation » FAQs)
  • Default Itemid: controls the default Itemid to use when linking an article
  • Compress JS Files: uses the compressed JavaScript files in the Linkr lightbox


The debugging process has been streamlined in Linkr 2.3.7 to make it easier to spot anomalies in Linkr. You should report bugs to the Linkr forums. But before you post anything, follow these steps:
  1. Log into the back-end of your site (as an administrator) and browse the Linkr's Configuration page: Components » Linkr » Global Configuration.
  2. In the left column, set "Debug" to "yes". Click on "Save" in the top right corner to save the Linkr settings.
  3. A red "Debug" link should appear on the following page. Click on it, and then follow the instructions (run the tests).
  4. Search the forums to see if anyone hasn't already brought up a similar problem to the one you're having.
  5. If someone has, then use that thread to add your information to it. If not, then create your own thread, and make sure to make the title a descriptive one. Also, read this post External link.

If your site is online, then you might consider creating a temporary account for the email dev - at - l33p.com so we can have a closer look. If you do, please send an email before-hand explaining what your issue is.
uBar 0.9 has been released. This is a beta version; there are still some bugs to be worked out. Keep that in mind before using it on a live site.