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Linkr takes advantage of Joomla!'s multi-lingual capabilities. You may use any of the languages available for Linkr. All languages are included in the installation file. If for some reason, the language you need is not installed but is available for Linkr, then you can install it separately. To find yours, head to JoomlaCode External link, and look under the Languages section.

NOTE: Language packs are meant to translate Linkr, not install it. You need to install Linkr first!

Installing a language

Installing a language pack is very simple. First, download the language file from JoomlaCode External link (under the Languages section). Then. install it just as you would any extension, in Administrator » Extensions » Install / Uninstall.

Writing your own language file

If Linkr isn't already translated into your preferred language, and you happen to have some time on your hands, you might decide to translate it yourself. Head on to JoomlaCode External link and download the "empty" language file (this differs from earlier versions, which had two language files instead of one). Once you open the file with your favorite text editor (e.g. Notepad), you'll be presented with a list of key-string pairs.

The way that it works is each string has a key that Jooomla! uses. For example, there might be a string that says "Hello" in English, and "Bonjour" in French, but they will have the same key e.g. "GREETING". Joomla! uses "GREETING" everywhere, and the language files take care of the translations. In the file, it looks like this:
For an example, see the Joomla! Docs External link.

You can use another language as a reference for your translation. Once you're done, you can install your new language file manually, by uploading it to "administrator / language / TAG / TAG.com_linkr.ini", where "TAG" is your language tag e.g. "en-GB" or "fr-FR".

You can also send your files here, so that we may include them in the install package and upload the language packs to JoomlaCode. Send your files to dev - at - l33p.com.

Translating Linkr prior to version 2.3.7

The "empty" language pack for Linkr 2.3.6 and earlier versions can be found here External link. In it is two files: the component language file and the plugin language file. After translating both, upload each file in the following folders:
  • TAG.com_linkr goes in administrator / language / TAG /
  • TAG.plg_content_linkr_content goes in the same folder
Where TAG is your language tag e.g. "en-GB" or "fr-FR".

NOTE: You'll need to rename your files to reflect the language you've just translated into i.e. change TAG to your language tag.
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