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Would you use Linkr in Joomla! 1.7?

Button Types

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There are different button types you can add to your bar. Each one has its purpose, but don't let that keep you from being creative and thinking outside the box.

You might use any of the following:

Other Link

Made for simple links. When you only need to link to a page, this is the type you want.


URL: The page URL. Compatible with Linkr and works with placemarkers
Page Target: The page target
Popup width and height: The page size for popup windows.

Custom Menu

This type will let you create a drop-down menu (or is it a drop-up?). To add a new link, fill in the parameter values and click on "save". The link will appear in the "Custom Menu - Links" section. Add as many links as you like. You can drag each link into the position you want. By hovering over each link, you can also edit, delete, or preview them.

See Other Link for a description of each parameter.

Menu (from menu manager)

This is the same as Custom Menu, but simpler. Instead of adding each link individually, just select one of the menus from your site.


A Custom Menu fork. The principal is the same. Unlike Custom Menu, the menu will only be displayed to logged-in users. For everyone else, the button will be replaced with a login link, which you specify in the Login parameter (works with placemarkers).

For a description of the menu link parameters, see Other Link.

Internal Link

The Internal Link type is similar to the Other Link type, in that it is a simple link. The difference is that it can only be used for internal links. Use it the same way you would add a menu item: select the extension you want to link, then specify the parameters if there are any.


The purpose of the Notepad type is to provide a place to take notes while on your site. It's quick and simple to use, and the notes are saved in a cookie which is only available through your site.

Width and height: The width and height of the pad.

Page Search

Visitors can search your site simply by selecting some text from the page. The way it works is they select some text, then click on the Page Search button.

Form action: The search form landing page. To add "hidden" inputs to your form, append them as query parameters.
Method: Specifies how the form values are sent.
Form input name: The name of the form input e.g. "searchword" (for Joomla!) or "q" (for Google)


With the HTML type, you can display just about any kind of HTML code. It will show as a "message", or a popup box near the button.

Custom Button

When all other types fail, Custom Button is your last resort.

Script Location: URI of a script file
JavaScript: JavaScript statement (added to the page HEAD)
onClick: Function to attach to button.

Note that unless Joomla! decides to use something else, the MooTools External link library will always be loaded. Thus, you can use it without any problem.
uBar 0.9 has been released. This is a beta version; there are still some bugs to be worked out. Keep that in mind before using it on a live site.