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uBar 0.9.2: Modules inside the bar

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A new button type has been introduced in uBar 0.9.2. It is the Module type, and it will render any Joomla! module right into the toolbar. There are also a few more features worth noting
  • Choose modal as the page target for any link to open it in a lightbox window
  • Limit some buttons to display on specific menu items
  • Add a custom CSS class to any button in the bar
  • Better compatibility with Internet Explorer 6 (not fully there yet, though)

As usual, your comments and suggestion will drive the development of this extension. Don't hesitate to click on support in the bar below to share your ideas.

You can find the installer for version 0.9.2 here External link.
uBar 0.9 has been released. This is a beta version; there are still some bugs to be worked out. Keep that in mind before using it on a live site.